Crowdsource to Create Books and Other Content

The philosophy of collective wisdom is embodied in the crowdsourcing process. The Internet and today’s technology enables all voices to be heard—from the mainstream ones to those in the peripheries, from the powerful to ordinary fellows. Gathering the input of the crowd in order to create something for your prospects and customers is a potent […]

3 Ways of Acquiring Content for Your Followers

“Content is king,” or so the saying goes. But as more and more businesses move online, the shrinking pond of content has made it that much harder to find new, relevant, and original material to pass on to your followers. Ironically, more content is being put out than ever before. It’s simply become a matter […]

4 Tips on Becoming a Content Curation Expert

Content marketing has quite literally changed the way we engage our customers. Instead of traditional promos, discounts, and advertisements, businesses are forced to supply content that entice, engage, and interest their customers. The reason for this is that 77% of Internet users don’t actually engage in online advertising. The recent shift from “push” to “pull” […]